The Summer shines
So warm outside
Footsteps sound
From passers by

Nothing could get me down
Not right now
It's a perfect day
In February
Yeah, it's 70 and Sunny
The type of feeling
That can't be bought with money

I am truly happy
For the first time in months
Feeling a natural high
One that cannot be described
I'm completely satisfied

The greeen leaves haven't come yet
Can't wait for them to come
I've gotta go to class soon
But I'd rather stay in the sun
My class is on the other side of campus
But I'm not going to be running.
I feel the leaves
Yes they're coming.
So green, green and lush.
The leaves will come in time,
There is no need to rush

(Repeat Chorus)

It's cold in Connecticut
Yeah, they're shoveling snow, I bet that's fun
But if you ask me,
I would rather be,
Basking in the sun.

Summer in winter indeed,
A warm breeze gives seed
Can't care about anything right now
I'm too
I'm too happy to be serious

Well I'm glad it isn't nice all the time though,
Cause it would negate what I'm feeling now
You could take the sun for granted if you tried
So don't
Don't try at all
Just be happy with the moment.

I'm feeling happier, than the guys from Sublime
So let the sun shine
Let the sun shine
The thing that's known as time
Doesn't exist
In the warm sunshine

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus)