A/N: I changed a few things and edited it. Still the same more or less. Debating on making some sort of sequal or something, from the vampire's point of view this time, but not sure. Until then, read, enjoy, review.

Vampire's Kiss

"Would you like a kiss?" it asked
In a soft purring voice
I turned slowly and gazed in awe
Of this sensual beauty before me

Hair black as night
Skin pale as ice
Eyes like silver stars
And a smile so cold
Face devoid of warmth
Movements so graceful
Lips smiling-a flash of pure white

This perfect being moved closer
And I backed into a wall
Pinned in place by stone behind
And cold flesh ahead
As this magnificent creature
So dark and beautiful
Asked again "Would you like a kiss?"
A nod from me as I stared
Captivated by this being

And those lips so cold
Descended, surprising me with their softness and chill
They crushed my mouth and the kiss lasted
Feeling like an eternity before passing
And my mouth was left hanging open
I tried to catch my breath, hoping to be kissed again

Those lips and the white teeth descended again
And kissed my neck
A long tongue and playful lips tease the soft skin of my throat
And deadly fangs come out to gently nip at the sensitive flesh
A shiver, a shudder, and the being whispers
Its breath brushing my throat
"Another kiss... hush now"
Those teeth sink into my throat
Strong arms hold me as my knees weaken
And gentle hands caress me

As my blood, my life, pours out into this creature
And I die, embraced and content, I know the rapture
Of a vampyric kiss.