A/N: After writing the first poem, I felt like writing more to it. I wanted to try it from the vampire's POV this time. So, where we are. First section doesn't seem much to do with the vampire, but it does quite nicely for setting the scene of darkness. Maybe I'll make another separate poem from the first part. Anyhow, read, enjoy, review. Just remember during reviews that... you don't have to be walking-on-eggs nice, but don't be extremely mean either. Helpful criticism is welcome, appreciated, and often followed. Have fun.

A Vampyre's Kiss

Cloudy blanket of night falls
And covers all
Sky turns so dark
As to almost be black
The stars are hidden
Covered by the clouds
And not even the moon
Dares show her face tonight
Trees and buildings stand tall
Blacker than the night
Only lights that glow
Are the man-made lamps
A futile attempt
To chase away the shadows
Those lights burn bright
Yet the night still stands
How foolish that the humans fail to remember
The darkness prevails and that
Night shall always be night

Dark shadow moves
And a crow flies by
As a lonesome mortal walks, unaware
The human cannot hear my approach
Nor even know I am there
Not until I utter those words
"Would you like a kiss?"

Mortal turns and a warm heart beats
I find myself the object of admiration and desire
I ask again and the human nods
Young eyes showing fearful awe
Inaudible steps and the mortal is pinned
By man-made stone behind
And me ahead
How easily harmed this mortal is
Just a slip, a shove, and crushed it would be

My bloodless lips meet a hot, innocent mouth
And I feel the humans surprise
At the gentle softness cold lips can have
After a timeless moment the kiss passes
I pull away and smile
Seeing the untold desire

Leaning down, my cold lips kiss a warm throat
And my tongue teases the soft flesh
Feeling the flow of blood beneathe
The mortal trembles and I whisper a gentle command
"Another kiss, hush now"

Then my ivory fangs
Nip at the fragile flesh
And sink in
Warm, crimson life rushes out
And I drink it as the human's knees collapse
My arms wrap around and embrace
Hands caressing and soothing the fading mortal

No instinctual fight nor plea from this human
Instead the mortal relaxes
Eternally locked within my arms
And it feels the rapture
Of my vampyric kiss.