In the treehouse


Robbers lurk outside the door

And demons haunt the drains

Shadows creep across the floor

At night only fear remains


Across from me a lonely light

Filters through distorted glass

I pull the covers around me tight

And hope the monsters will pass


Morning comes with evergreen leaves

And dusty sunshine that hangs

Still, there's a part of me that believes

And I am plagued by paranoid pangs


A vampire lives inside the well

We've tried to find him in vain

At lunch I heard an excited boy tell

That we're eating a dog's brain


Later, hidden under ivory keys

I listen to water plunk and now

Run away to color on my knees

With rolling markers and a neon cow


Here on the playground, joined hands

Spinning, spinning, dizzy with a frown

Let go and fly before everyone lands

Ring around the rosy--we all fall down.