Sitting Still


Mara learned to sit still

When she was very young.

Anytime she turned about

She would be unfairly stung.

Still, she thought of moving

Often in her dreams, and proving

That she could.


Derek never stayed in

One place--not till he was older.

Every time he sat down he was

Pulled up by someone bolder

And taken to a far away place,

But he didn't mind in any case

Because it was all he knew.


Cindy liked to run and rest

In a place that was her own.

She moved around frequently

But stayed in her comfort zone.

She didn't really mind

Leaving all her things behind;

She'd just get new ones.


Charlotte and Kat have never sat

For any length of time.

They get too restless to stay still.

They feel the urge to move, climb,

Run, fly, everywhere, always

Moving, it's not only a phase

It's instinct.


Derek met Cindy and they fell in love.

Charlotte and Kat are their friends.

They sat down, and Mara grew up

In one place, sitting still.

Now Cindy is beginning to itch,

And though she tries to hide it,

Everyone can see her twitch

Because they feel the same.

They know they can sit still

No longer.

Everyone, that is, except for

Mara. Mara who has dreamed

Of moving all her stationary life

Finds herself unable and unwilling

To give up her chair.