Dead to the World

I'm dead to the world,
I'm dust, I'm ashes, I'm gone,
No one wants me here,
Can't you see I'm no longer a childish pawn?

Nobody enjoys my company,
I can't stay here or there,
With this one or that one,
You're sending me where?

I'm dead to the world,
With no hope of coming back,
Peace and tranquility are gone,
The feeling of love is what I lack.

Nobody to complain to,
No one to feel my pain,
Tears I cannot shed,
I'm becoming less and less sane.

I'm dead to the world,
With no emotion to hold inside,
All fears and worries held on my face,
Like the low and the high tide.

I wrote this last year, but it's still one of my favorites. Please review.