Sapphire's Sketches

Sapphire slowly pulled the pencil across the paper, expertly drawing the form of a fairy dancing amongst the clouds. She lifted her hand to admire what she had created. It looked just like all of her other drawings; beautiful, happy. Sapphire tried to cover up the sadness and injustice of the world by drawing things the way they should be. The way she dreamed they would someday be. And although she knew her drawings would never change anything in the world she still pulled out her sketchbook every night before going to sleep and drew something beautiful.

Looking once more at her drawing, Sapphire closed her sketchbook and went to sleep. The next day went by like any other day, and before Sapphire went to sleep that night, she pulled out her sketchbook. Slowly she flipped through the pages, looking at the past drawings until she found a clean page. Happy faces and calm landscapes stared up at her from the paper, but suddenly, a different kind of picture appeared. She stopped on the last used page and looked at it in surprise. Drawn on the sheet was a violent storm. Lightning striking from dark clouds, rain pouring down from the sky, and wind twisting and bending trees as if they were made of plastic. "Where could this picture have come from?" Sapphire thought to herself. "No one else has been home since last night, so no one else could have drawn it. Sapphire continued to study the picture, and suddenly became very frightened. There in the corner of the picture were her initials, SH. "I must have drawn it in my sleep." She thought. Sapphire decided to go straight to sleep instead of drawing that night. She was still worried about the picture and very confused. Before she went to bed that night though, Sapphire took her sketchbook and locked it in a chest at the foot of her bed. "There's no way I'll be able to open that in my sleep." She thought.

The next morning when Sapphire woke up, a light rain was coming down. She got ready for school, but by the time she was ready the weather outside had taken a turn for the worse. Lightning was crashing down from the dark skies, rain was pouring out of the clouds, and the wind was bending and twisting the trees like they were made out of plastic instead of wood. Sapphire could not believe her eyes. Outside her front door looked just like the picture that had appeared in her sketchbook.

After school that day, Sapphire opened the chest at the foot of her bed and pulled out her sketchbook. She opened to the page after the thunderstorm drawing and gasped. There was a picture of a beautiful, calm autumn day. And in the corner of the drawing were Sapphire's initials again. "There's no way I opened that chest while I was sleeping." Sapphire thought to herself. She closed her sketchbook and tried not to think about the drawings anymore.

The next morning when Sapphire woke up, the sun was shining and there was no wind blowing through the trees. Outside it looked just like the new drawing. Sapphire couldn't believe it. For the rest of the week, Sapphire's sketchbook predicted the weather. Every night before going to sleep, she would look inside to find a new picture she could not remember drawing.

On Saturday night however, Sapphire didn't find a picture of the weather. Drawn on the white paper was an airplane, landed at the Spring City Airport. There were two people standing near the plane with their backs turned. Sapphire set the sketchbook down with a shiver and went to sleep, thinking about what the new drawing could mean.

On Sunday morning, Sapphire woke up to loud voices downstairs. She opened her door and climbed down the doors slowly.

"Sapphire!" her Grandmother said excitedly.

Sapphire rushed to give her grandparents a hug. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"We decided to fly in for a surprise visit." Her grandfather answered.

Sapphire spent the day visiting and talking with her grandparents. She crawled into her bed that night and was almost asleep when she remembered the sketchbook.

"I'd better check what's going to happen tomorrow." She thought.

Sapphire opened the sketchbook and flipped to the last pages. She saw the pictures of the thunderstorm and the other weather predictions, and then the picture of the airport. She flipped the page once more and screamed in horror. There, on the page before her was a picture of a gravestone. It read:

Here Lies

Sapphire Winifred Halverson