The Gated Wall
by: trista groulx

The gate finally began to creak open
So slowly because some always slams it shut
Slams it right into my face
For once I think it's safe to venture just a bit
Just for a moment outside the wall I created
But as soon a I take just a few steps away
As I look to see if it's safe, you attack
I run back to the safety of my wall
And decided to shut the gate forever more
Thank you for reminding me why I keep it shut
Thank you for remind me that I am inferior
Thank you for putting me back in my place
I needed just a quick reminder
About what it's like to be stabbed in the back
And left for dead
This is a wall I needed to make
This is a gate u cannot open again
Because I know what lies on the other side
No one is different
I am everyone's prey
I don't need what everyone else needs
Why did I tell you?
Why did I tell anyone?
My feelings should have remained locked within the wall
I know I'm not allowed to be happy
Thank you for letting me dream
I crawl into a corner away from the gate
Trembling, never venturing so far out again