"A man once said "Despair is Motivation"

And I never knew why

He was an ordinary man

With ordinary advice

But he seemed so sure

With bells on his wrists and bracelets around his ankles;

The constant clattering was a comfort to me.

While others shied from his darkened gaze

I reveled in the shadows,

Made myself at home.

But now, it is I that keeps at a distance

Three pew lengths away from his coffin

Dark mahogonay and crimson velvet

And I think to myself:

"He would have wanted black."

His face is peaceful despite the burns

Little holes and cracks form spilt cups of tea

And another half-used cigarette.

Mother stands rigid beside me

A chrome robot in her suit and tie

Mechanical, as she cannot cry.

I turn my eyes, all gray and white, and smile,

"He would've wanted black, mother,

Daddy always wanted black."

S.N.S. 2/22/2005 10:44am