The Eraser

by: SugarPee

Chapter 1: Prologue: Coping

-The Girl-

Like I predicted, I came back to a silent house today.

Everything was darkened and shadowed, but right now, I was in no mood to notice it.

Oh, I had a perfectly fine day, thank you.

Except Josh, my boyfriend a few hours ago ruined it all.

Slowly dragging my feet up the stairs that were illuminated eerily by the slivered ray of moonlight from the huge window at the landing. I made my way to my room, the legs of my baggy jeans rubbing annoyingly in the still evening/night.

Creaking open the door, I slipped in and fell into the slightly cold bed that was unmade and let out the sigh I was barely able to bury for the past hours.

Somewhere from outside the open window above the headboard came the soft, yet lulling lyrics of a song I could remember from somewhere in the recesses of my mind. Which meant that it was familiar, but I couldn't pinpoint its exact source.

Here goes…

I know that he loves me

'cause he told me so.

I know that he loves me

'cause his feelings show

(Brown Eyes: Destiny's Child)

The song faded away, as that mystery neighbor lowered the volume. But somehow, it sparked up my gradually fading thoughts.

My first conscious one was…

So damned smug, you bitch singer.

But my second thought clearly spoke out…

She's in love and he's in love with her too.

The other thoughts were incoherent as 'second thought's thought triggered something in my brain, which made me have this unexplainable urge to grind my teeth, slowly, but surely, until little shards of calcium-induced bone rained down and out of my mouth.

Eww…Bad image there.


I laid there for a few moments with a blank question mark in my mind, when-


It finally hit me, the cause of my wanting to grind my teeth. Duh…the song!

That damned singer was in love with her guy. And he loved her back. And me!?

I thought I was in love with a guy who, actually, didn't give a damn about me, only for himself, the arrogant narcissist.

Apparently, I was blinded, fooled, into believing that he could actually love me, when all he did was stare at his reflection in my eyes and kiss me as if to tell me, 'You're being kissed by the god, Josh Peterson, himself! Bow down before me, you humble serf!' and all that crap.

And finally, the sobs came out at last.

Chapter 2: Introduction to the Creature

-The Girl-

I hate World Civ.

I really hate it. I really do.

Want the reasons?

1. My ex-boyfriend is in this class, but luckily, far away. And this is the only class we have together. Oh joy.

2. Who the hell cares about Jean Locke…no, wait…John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rosseau? They're already dead, so why bother?

3. Lastly, there's this creature sitting beside me. A creature who has been pelting little pieces of my eraser, which he swiped from my table, at the side of my head for the past 30 minutes. Talk about invading personal space. I don't know why he's doing this, because usually, he ignores me.

Today, 'The Creature' was dressed in his normal attire. Baggy T-shirt and jeans. But…now here's the big but…he was wearing the most horrendous sneakers I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot, being the shoeaholic me. They were BRIGHT pink and BRIGHT yellow.

Note to self: Never let this guy blend colors for art.

One stupid piece of eraser, conveniently, lands in my exposed ear, causing me to let out a startled yelp. I turned around to glare at him and curse him to oblivion.

But the next eraser pelt landed in my mouth.

Eww. Gross.

Quickly spitting it out, it landed almost automatically in my hand.

Glaring at him in a futile attempt to burn a hole in his obviously hollow head, I chucked my missile back at him.

And of course, with my bad aim and hand-eye coordination…

I missed.

But he caught it.




In. His. Mouth.

Like those little kids in the cinema who try to throw popcorn in the air and catch it with their mouth…only to succeed in spilling the popcorn everywhere.

Especially bad on the escalators.

Annoying brats too.

Oh yeah…getting off track here…

The Creature grinned at me, while chewing happily. (If you can be happy and eat erasers at the same time.)

Uhh…wait. Chewing?

This guy has got to be insane.

Oh…Saved by the bell.

"Hey! Melo-melo! Hey!" a nasally voice called out behind me.


Something clamped down solidly on my shoulder and I let out a high-pitched squeal, something I don't usually do. I spun around to face a very-heavily-breathing person.

Oh. The Creature.

Grinning maniacally, the Creature dropped something into my hand.

A dented eraser.

My dented(!) eraser.

I looked up to shout at him, but all I saw was a pair of bright pink and yellow Adidas, walking away and I realized something that I should have noticed before.

The reason I call him 'The Creature' was because I didn't even know his name.

Chapter 3: Memories

-Camera's POV-

(Camera slowly fades from black to two separate shots of two people getting in their cars.)

(Of course, it's the girl and the creature.)

(Both of them pull out their keys and move in to unlock their automobiles)

(They stop and look up.)

(Camera shifts to the whole screen, with the two of them in full view.)

(Gazes lock for a long moment, only to be broken by the crunch of gravel from some unknown guy.)

(The two are startled as if woken from a trance. The Creature smirks and slips into his car. The girl glares at him and does the same.)

(They both drive off at the opposite ends of the parking lot.)

(Camera fades to black.)

(Screen is split into two, featuring the girl and the creature driving. Both of them reach out to turn on the radio at the same time.)

('Everytime' by Britney Spears croons gently out of both car's speakers.)

(They freeze simultaneously. Camera blurs and shifts into a swirl, as if in a dream or memory.)

-The girl-

I was instantly hit by a wave of vivid memories that unlatched the lock of silent tears out of my eyes.

… "Hey!" Emily hissed frantically in my ear. "Are you going to do something about him?"

"Do something!" floated round and round in my head, shutting off Emily's whispers, maybe from the thought or from that three shots of tequila I had consumed over the past 10 minutes.

I shot up suddenly, surprising Emily and finally making her shut up. I knew that I wasn't drunk enough to do something humiliating, but enough to let my emotions govern my brain.

I stomped to the karaoke stage while Josh sang his ending lyrics. Has anyone ever told him he sounds like a cow giving birth?

Once he was finished, I snatched the mike away from him. He merely smirk with amusement and made his way down the stage. I bent down to the karaoke guy and whispered my choice of song to him.

The first strands of music reached my ears and I lost myself into my voice and the soft, soothing background music. But then, I realized something, Josh had been singing "Cry Me a River" by Justin Timberlake…

…while I chose "Everytime" by Britney Spears.

-The Creature-

God. This party is fucking boring. All drinks and dancing.

Pathetic preps.

My fingers loosened slightly and the lit cigarette fell to the wooden porch. Stamping out the cancer stick under the heel of my combat boots, I looked up at see through the open door, a drunken prep go on stage. I couldn't see her face since the lights were hurting my eyes.

Great. Drunk singing…again.

The things alcohol can do to you range from embarrassing or to total fatality. Your pick. That's why smoking rules over all.

After conversing with the guy behind the controls, she held the microphone to her lips and I squeezed my eyelids tightly as if it will shut off the sound I was expecting to hear.

A slightly raspy, but full and melodious voice wavered through the enormous speakers set around the room and took me by surprise.

Notice me…

Take my hand…

Why are we…

Strangers when…

Never in my life would I believe that I would actually like Britney-fucking-Spears.

But she changed it all.

"Hey dude. Sorry, but Miranda was being bitchy again." Gavin pushed his way to me. I nodded solemnly.

"Very funny. You were probably making out with the shortest skirt around. This party sucks, except for that girl. Who is she?" I blurted out quickly after locking it up for so long.

"Who is who?" Gav, who was a bit buzzed, slurred slightly.

"Girl who sang that stupid Britney song." I said, becoming confident. Gav wouldn't remember this conversation tomorrow, sparing me loads of embarrassment, and if I was lucky, I might get her number. After all, the hopeless romantics totally go for the 'bad boys'.

Um…Gav? Aren't you supposed to answer my question?

1 moment.

2 moments.

3 moments.

4 moments.

5 moments.

6 moments.


"Ooh!" Gavin finally cried out. "But…" he trailed off.

What? "But what?" I pressured.

"She just disappeared out back stage with her boyfriend, Josh Peterson a while ago. The cheerleaders are betting on whether they're going to break up or not. Maybe it was because they were singing crybaby songs by the heartthrob singer couple…uh…JC and Christina?"

Babble babble babble…What!?

"No. Justin and Britney." I said, quickly stuffing in my shock, still sorely disappointed.

"You like her or something?" Gav looked up, with a confused expression on his face like a little retarded kid.

"No." I said unconvincingly, looking at the stage forlornly.

Back to the present…

(Camera shows the girl and the creature in split screens.)

(They both park their vehicles and go through the process of getting out, locking it, walk to the door, unlock it, and walk up the stairs. All at the same time.)

(Oh…And they also go up to their rooms and turn on their computers at the same time too.)

(Are these guys physically connected or something?)

(The girl's screen enlarges, pushing the creature's away.)

(She can be seen logging into chat…)

Room 25: Tattoos and Piercings (11 occupants)

(slightyweird has entered the room.)

BeefJerky: hey weird asl?

slightyweird: who me?

(soweirdedout has entered the room.)

BeefJerky: yeh

slightyweird: hey! there's another weird in here too

soweirdedout: me?

slightyweird: yeah u

BeefJerky has gone crazy. (This is like an action statement of some sort.)

PimpinUp: oh shut up they already forgot about u

slightyweird: hey weird IM me

soweirdedout: all right

BeefJerky: lame name pimp

PimpinUp: oww…how caring of you…BEEF JERKY

Private Conversation

slightyweird: hey…do u mind? I kinda need some help here

soweirdedout: no prob but just so u know…I thought you were one of those bimbos who just want to cyber (clarification: cyber or cyber is sort of like phone sex, but there are no voices or sounds involved, only typed words on the screen. Hardly arousing.

slightyweird: hell no but are u male?

soweirdedout: yeah

slightlyweird: i just need a favor…its kinda weird…do u mind?

soweirdedout: what is it?

slightlyweird: i just broke up with my boyfriend yesterday. he's gonna damage my ego until it collapses. i need a rebound guy…

soweirdedout: and?

slightlyweird: ugh…do i have to say it out loud? i just need you to pose as my online rebound guy so no one really finds out who you are and my ego can be intact.

soweirdedout: ok…is your ego really that important?

slightlyweird: YES! and if you agree, i'll have to tell them you're my reason for the break up. do you agree?

soweirdedout: whatever you say…what's your name?

slightlyweird: not important…i go by melody on the net.

soweirdedout: woman…if you want me to be your boyfriend, i need to know who you are.

slightlyweird: doesn't matter…i just need a guy who's real so that he can act as a backup when things go wrong.

soweirdedout: ok…you are weird. i'll introduce myself then. i go by Zane age 17 male of course…umm…currently unattached and am infatuated with another.

slightlyweird: ooh…have you told her yet?

soweirdedout: hell no way! she's a prep, at least she hangs out with them.

soweirdedout: i got into trouble with her boyfriend once.

slightlyweird: ow…she's taken?

soweirdedout: yeah…but i think they just had a fight.

slightlyweird: pity you…pity me more.

soweirdedout: gimme your email.

slightlyweird: my user name. et toi?

soweirdedout: aussi and i still want your name.

slightlyweird: later i have to go. sorry. cya.

soweirdedout: ok…add me!

(slightlyweird has logged off Chat.)

(soweirdedout has logged off Chat.)

Chapter 4: Drama Queer

-The Creature's POV-

"Kids, we're going to do an improvisation."

A chorus of groans came, as if written in a real script.

"And I am going to partner everyone up. Everyone."

The groans got louder.

"Nathan D. and Janice N."

Both of the teenagers reluctantly stood up and exchanged awkward hi's.

Oh and the kooky drama teacher had this habit of calling everyone by their first name.

"Rachel K. and Rathe B." (Here they are!!!)

Loud catcalls sounded from the far corner. The R and R couple were the most notorious couple in the school. Pairing them up was a bad choice, Ms. Hawthorne.

She was oblivious though, or actually mentally retarded.

"Shane L. and Lyric S."


A head popped up from the chattering group of preps beside me.

Oh shit.

I could feel my eyes widening to the size of plates. In the murky shadows, she looked just like my karaoke fairy.

She stood up and I did too. Oh yes… it was her… I see her scowling…Why?

A flash of a wandering spotlight brushes past her face. Oh-oh.

Double shit.

Holy shit.

World Civ. girl.

Eraser girl.

Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit.

Biting back my crumbled pride, I strode over to her. "Guess we're stuck together, right?"

She only scowled deeper.

What was her problem anyway?

-Lyric's POV- (You should be able to figure it out by now.)

"No! James! I hate you!" I shouted, almost forgetting that this was just a play.

"No, you don't." he said calmly. "I actually believe that you are in love with me." Ugh… how infuriating! (I hope you've heard this sentence often.) 'The Creature'…uh…Shane… spoke with an air of calmness that was grating on my nerves like one would do to cheese.

I stamped my foot on the ancient stage, totally forgetting about the creaky spot and my sneakers broke a hole under my feet with a dull crack.

Shock immobilized me. My foot fell in the dark, dusty hole and dropped me down on the stage on my butt.


Ms. Hawthorne squealed for Shane to help me, but the jerk took my hand and just held it. I looked up at him and I saw the traces of a smirk on his mouth and suddenly…

He burst out laughing!

The bastard had the balls to let go of my hand and laugh until his face grew into a blotchy kind of red.


I clambered somewhat painfully out of the hole and shot him a glare. He ignored me and continued snorting his nose off.

And like the drama queen I was, I huffed and stalked away.

Slowly sinking into my seat, I logged onto the internet.

I almost let out a sigh of relief when I saw Zane and quickly typed a greeting to him.

slightlyweird: hey there

soweirdedout: oh it's you… how was your day?

slightlyweird: other than making a fool of myself in drama, im ok

soweirdedout: aww… pity you… I had a cool day… how it your ex coping with the fact that you already moved on?

slightlyweird: very badly… and who cares? He was stupid enough to dump me anyway.

soweirdedout: why, anyway?

slightlyweird: the bastard wanted to date others

soweirdedout: ur typical bastard in stories… do you like Linkin Park? U're dead if you don't.

slightlyweird: of course I do! My friends don't though

soweirdedout: fuck them then. I have all the members' autographs. Since you just had a very shitty day, I scanned it just for you.

slightlyweird: thank you SO much! Ooh… I have this poster of Green Day! It's a limited version, so I'm sure you don't have it!

soweirdedout: scan it for me NOW

slightlyweird: sure…lemme get it first…

slightlyweird: I'll send it thru email

soweirdedout: thanks… where are you from anyway?

slightlyweird: Connecticut

soweirdedout: O.O… me too

slightlyweird: cool… im in riverfall

soweirdedout: ME TOO… coincidence?

slightlyweird: yeah, duh.

soweirdedout: wanna meet?

slightlyweird: if you say so… when?

soweirdedout: 2morow's a Saturday, wanna meet at this really great coffee shop I know?

slightlyweird: where?

soweirdedout: Thyme's

slightlyweird: that place is awesome… meet you at 10 tomorrow, how's that?

soweirdedout: 10!? That's early…but…oh well…

slightlyweird: ok… your code is Melody, ok?

soweirdedout: yeah… call me Zane

slightlyweird: see you

soweirdedout: see ya tomorrow

I logged off with a happy smile and slid into my bed, all thoughts of Josh and Shane buried at the back of my mind.

Chapter 5: Thyme's

-Lyric's POV-

Even at 10 o'clock, Thyme's was bustling with all sorts of people, from little, waddling, annoying toddlers to creepy guys with hoods and with 'rapist' spelled all over their faces. LOTS of people. There was an emphasis at the last part, did you know that?

I had realized with a sinking feeling a while ago that I didn't know how he looked like or his real name. I didn't even have his number with me! How the hell will I find him? How stupid of me to not ask for details.

"…looking for Melody…"

"Sorry kid…"


My head whipped up to see Shane talking to one of the waiters. He was talking rather frantically, as if in a hurry. The waiter only shook his head.

Shane walked away, defeated. But when he was almost out of the door, he stopped and pulled out his phone, dialing a number and holding it to his ear eagerly.

But soon his face fell and he began talking in a disappointed manner. Maybe he's leaving a message… I think.

And at home, my mobile phone rang incessantly.

After 30 minutes, I gave up on waiting for Zane and decided to go home and log on the Internet.

After the walk home, I sank down in my favorite computer seat and was surprised to see 4 missed calls on my mobile, all from the same person.

Quickly, I dialed the number.

"Hello?" a male voice answered. Zane!

"Hey… did you call me?"

"Yeah. It's Zane, where were you?"

"Where were you?"

"Thyme's, of course."

"Me too."

"Why the hell didn't I see you?" he said with obviously fake anger.

"Well, maybe it was me who didn't see you." I said, playing along.

And somehow, we burst into a fit of giggles.

"I should've told you what I look like." He breathed heavily from our bout of laughter.

"Yeah. Me too."

"Wanna go back there again?"

"Sure. Meet me at the entrance."



Huffing and puffing, I ran all the way from my house, back to Thyme's, which was darkening already from the setting sun.

I was too busy catching my breath to notice a lean body in front of me.

Of course, I ran into it.

"OWW!!!" he shouted, a bit too loudly. I looked at him from the ground where I had fallen and groaned.


Quickly getting up from him, I asked him out of curiosity, "Why are you here again?"

"Again? You saw me?" He exclaimed, shocked.


He blushed and looked away. "I have a blind date."

Blind date? Pity the girl… "With who?"

His blush crept down his neck and he scuffed his foot on the pavement. I was taken aback at how… cute he was. I quickly shook my head at the momentary lapse of thought.

Yeah right.

He answered in a shy voice. "A girl from the internet."


"Um…" He took a deep breath. "Her name's Melody and I was supposed to be her fake rebound guy because she wants to get rid of her jealous ex, but today, I'm going to ask her out because I really like her." He babbled on, as if nothing could stop him now.

Oh shit.

Double shit.

Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. (Seem familiar?)

"Zane… shut up." I could barely say through my quivering figure.

Shane (Zane) had stopped and was frozen in the most comical look ever, even though I was in no mood for a laugh. His eyes were wide and his jaw was hanging open.

Forcing my body to move, I spoke out loud. "Tomorrow, pick me up after school."

And walked away from a confused and very shocked Shane.


-Still Lyric's POV-

I was lost in the usual hazy peaceful numbness after sex. Especially the hot and passionate kind, even though it still felt quite foreign to me. Shane was lying on top of me, breathless, and the comfortable weight of him rested on my chest, very unlike the heavy smothering of Josh.

Forget about him.


"Lyric?" Shane raised his dark head from my breasts where he was previously licking leisurely.

"Yeah?" I asked softly.

"You were the girl who sang 'Everytime' at that party last week, right?" Without waiting for an answer, he continued. "I fell in love with you since that moment you started singing in that drunken voice of yours."

I say nothing. The beatific smile I sent to him was enough.

More than enough.

The End

Author's Note: Woah… I just reread the whole thing and I found it quite pointless. I mean, it's just a guy and girl meeting each other on the internet. But oh well… it still is cute in it's own way.

Oh and I'm sorry about any typos, cause even though I took 2 weeks to slowly type this part by part; long documents like this fizzle my brain out.

And this I just some kind of appetizer for the other stories. I'm working on them, but you'll just have to wait. I need a break…