Disclaimer: Sharkmue, Whamue, New Fresno, and any other phrases I might say are property of Darwin. I have received permission to use these terms in this story. However, I will not be using the characters that are mentioned in any of Darwin's stories.

"Aah!" The frightened scream of a man echoes off of the cast iron walls and reverberates even deeper into the cave transformed laboratory.

A man floats in a large glass cylinder filled with water, his eyes wide in fear. He feels along his body and finds many sensors that are attached to him logging and recording everything he does: the breaths he takes, every move he makes, his emotions, his dreams and his nightmares, the number of heartbeats.

He punches at the glass, but finds not even his strength, the strength of a Navy mercenary, could punch through this material. Panicking his eyes explore his glassy prison.

Outside his cell he sees a man sleeping on an office chair, a scientist. The man on the outside's breaths are slow and easy unlike the Naval officer's who's breathing is uneasy and laborious.

Slowly, he puts his hand to the glass, but his eyes widen even more. His fingers are elongated, but only by a few inches and the normal amount of webbing a human has is not normal for him. The webbing has reached halfway to his first knuckle.

He looks down his feet and sees the changes that happened to his hands have happened to his feet as well. His hands then instinctively explore his naked body, roughness, like sandpaper.

He then feels along his neck and stops, goosebumps crawl quickly up his spine. Flaps of skin hang loosely as though…"No, it couldn't be," he thinks, "There's no possible way."

A voice is heard through the speaker inside of the glass cylinder, a rough gravely voice that sounds like someone speaking through a fan. "Hello, Juggernaut. How are we today?"

The eyes of the scientist squint and an evil grin comes across the pox-scarred face.

Juggernaut's own eyes squint angrily and he growls, "What have you done to me?!"

The scientist doesn't answer, he only walks away and faces the giant computer screen. He presses a series of buttons and a straight green line appears, "Log 134: The subject appears to be unsure of what he is and what has happened to him," the line moves in the shapes of mountains as the scientist speaks. "He seems to be afraid, but does not fear me."

Juggernaut pounds the glass and repeats, "What have you done to me?!"

The scientist presses another series of buttons and looks back at the Naval officer, "What do you think I have done to you? I have made you something far superior than your former appearance."

Juggernaut's eyes squint and he growls, "What have you done to me, you freak?"

The scientist smiles and a bark of a laugh escapes his lips, "I've made you a sharkmue."