Jacob awoke and felt the coolness of metal touch his unprotected body. He tried desperately to move, but couldn't. Leather straps were strewn all about his body and not even his newfound strength could break through it, for some reason.

"Well, well, I must admit you are much stronger than I thought." Jacob looked for the voice, the voice he knew and hated. "Where are you, Allan?"

"Mm-mm, aren't we the curious one? Well, I can't tell you that."

Jacob could feel himself become angrier with each passing second. "Where are you?!" A maniacal laughter floated in Jacob's ears and his muscles tensed. Again he repeated, "WHERE ARE YOU?!"

"There isn't any need to yell, m'boy. I can hear you just fine."

Jacob snarled, his eyes slowly becoming darker, "Then tell me what you're gonna do to me." Jacob's eyes were almost fully black when he paused. He breathed in and out, he wasn't in water. He was in a normal room. "Why can I breathe air?" He thought to himself, or at least he thought he had.

"Hmm, I replaced your lungs. I mean, what's the point in having a perfect soldier if it can't stay on dry land for very long?"

"Perfect soldier?" Jacob's head tilted to one side and a single eyebrow levitated above his eye, "What are you talking about?"

Dr. Octavius walked over to the stainless steel table, his lips in a large frown. Jacob smiled, revealing his knife like teeth, "What happened to you?"

Dr. Octavius' head was wrapped up in bandages and one eye was covered. He sneered, revealing his broken teeth. "You know very well what happened."

Jacob's face contorted inquisitively again, "I don't think I do."

Dr. Octavius only made an odd face and walked over to the large computer; pressing that familiar series of buttons. "Log 436: subject appears to be unaware of damage caused to my personage. Shark instincts might have taken control."

Jacob looked around for a method of escape while the doctor spoke to the giant computer, but no use. Then he thought of his hands, maybe…yes! His elongated fingers were sharper and he could most likely cut through the leather straps. "But he isn't just going to look away while I do this."

"While you do what?"

Jacob looked up to see Allan's swollen grin and this caused the sharkmue to growl. As quick as he could he sliced through the straps that covered his right arm and grasped the doctor's neck, "This."

He threw the man several feet back, causing him to crash into the computer. Jacob released himself of his leathery prison and charged at Octavius. The scientist shuddered in fear while his own creation charged at him. "Oh no." were the only words that escaped his lips.

Jacob grabbed Octavius by the face digging his fingers into the man's temples and began to repeatedly punch him in the gut with his free hand; yelling the entire time, "You are a sick freak!"

The scientist was then thrown several feet into the wall, where Jacob held him on the wall and banged his already bleeding head into the wall.

After six poundings on the wall, Jacob was pulled back by a pair of strong arms and thrown in the direction of the stainless steel table that was his holding place for only a little while.

Jacob looked up to Leviathan standing, panting. An angry flame burned in the boy's jet black eyes and his strong arms were engulfed in veins that stood out from exertion. The boy was about Jacob's height and girth, which was surprising for someone his age and his face was contorted into a snarl, revealing sharp orca teeth.

Leviathan charged at Jacob and punched him even further back. The naval officer struck the wall with great force that would've killed a normal man. He looked to his right and saw his reflection.

His eyes widened in surprise and he ran his fingers along his face. His face was elongated with brown and white spots; he opened his mouth to reveal his teeth. Razor sharp with serrated edges, and his eyes were a deep brown, with large black pupils.

His temples were growing outward in the way that a hammerhead's would, but his face looked like a great white. He lightly prodded his temples and a pain shot through him, a pain that made his eyes water.

It felt as though he had poked himself in the eye, but he hadn't….he froze. He concentrated and the jelly lumps on his temples opened to reveal a pair of eyes.

Out of the corner of his newfound eyes he saw Leviathan charging him, he shook his head and grasped the boy's hand and twisted it behind his back.

The boy screamed in pain and tried frantically to escape Jacob's grip. "Kid, relax," Jacob tried to calm the whamue down, "Relax!"

The boy calmed down, but only a little bit. Pain then coursed through Jacob's own body, he ran his free hand along his back until he felt something he hadn't felt earlier. A dorsal fin.

He must've wounded it when he hit the wall, but ignored the pain when he saw his reflection. He then turned his attention back to Leviathan. He was going to have to try and stop the kid from hurting him, or kill him.