My childhood

As a kid I really didn't know what perfect was, but I knew imperfection made the person whole. When I was a child, other kids could not understand me when I talked to them. I always thought I talked like the other kids. Until one of my friends began to always tell me to repeat things to him. "Mohammad, speak clearly." or "Repeat what you just said to me." "What's wrong with the way I talk?" "You just sound different from the other kids." I realized that other kids thought I was completely different from them.

I could not believe what I was hearing from my own friends; I thought they must be kidding with me. A few months later, a speech teacher came to see me, and I knew I had to work on my speech abilities. I liked my speech class because it was going to help me to improve my speech. In speech class, the teacher taught me how to properly pronounce words and showed me the correct way how to sound the letters. Speech class helped me to become a better talker. Before the speech class, the sound of the S I used to make sounded liked SHH; after completing the speech class, my sound of the S was perfect.

A few months into speech class, I started to notice other kids making fun of how I talked. They always said some immature things. "Look everybody, its mumble mouth." It made me feel sad because my own friends are making fun of me. They were so mean to me because how immature they were towards me. My teacher told me just to ignore them. "Why are they making fun of me?" "Just ignore them and they will stop making fun of you." I took my teacher's advice' and I learned how to ignore them. I really never knew that ignoring mean and cruel people would lead them to stop teasing. One by one they stopped teasing me. I became happy when my friends stop teasing me.

As a result of this experience in my childhood, I noticed people were different from one another. I saw other people's imperfections, and this made me understand why those kids were being mean to me. They did not know about my speech problem, which was my imperfection. Everyone is different and has their own imperfection that made them unique. I became joyful that I was not like everyone; simply, I was my own person.