A/N: Hello. This is my first story on this site so be kind! This is loosely based on Dream Theater's CD "Scenes From A Memory". Hope you guys like it!


In Loving Memory

of Our Child

So Innocent,

Eyes Open Wide

The year was 1928. I remember everyday of this dreadful year just like they were yesterday. That was the year that my whole life changed.

In 1927 I felt like I was queen of the world. Everything seemed so perfect. I was 18 and finally free. The name of Victoria Page was known by practically everyone in the whole city. I was smart and pretty, and everybody seemed to like me. I had plans to go to a major university about 25 miles from my home. And to top it all off, I had fell in love with a man named Julian Baynes.

Julian was great! I could tell he really loved me. There was only one problem. Julian had a terrible addiction to alcohol. I loved him, but I couldn't stand his addiction. Many nights I cried myself to sleep, thinking of what I should do. Should I break it off with him? I knew it would be almost impossible to find another like Julian. Maybe we should try to work it out. I sought out help.

Over the time I was seeing Julian, I became good friends with his brother, Edward Baynes. He was the quiet type, except when it came to politics. But although he was ruthless at debates and the like, he wouldn't hurt a fly.

My dilemma with Julian brought me weeping to Edward's doorstep late one evening. He was more than happy to open his doors and arms to me. I was so strung out that night that I couldn't go home. Edward so kindly offered me a bed for the night.

The next morning I left with a new vision and hope for Julian and I. Edward's hospitality helped me more than he'd ever know. From that moment on, I knew what I had to do…