Chapter 5

Taylor waited nervously in the waiting room. The audition were being conducted one at a time, so she had to sit and wait for several other students to go before her. As always, she had arrived early, and had plenty of time to kill. Her mother had always been a punctual person, and she of course had carried on the trait.

Two other students sat with her. One was a boy she noticed from the grade below her. He was a pretty good singer. They were not in choir together. He was not in the advanced class she had made it into. He was a tenor and had performed several solos before. The other was a girl she did not know. She was not in choir.

Taylor went over the words several times in her head. Her worst nightmare had always been forgetting the lyrics to a solo. She didn't need to practice the words. Her mother had been singing it to her since she was very young, and she knew the words better than anything else. But regardless, the words played over and over in her head. She had to keep the song playing.

"I hope I warmed up enough," she thought to her self as she nervously played with the skirt she was wearing. Her song arrangement was slightly higher. She wanted to show off her first soprano notes. But she feared she hadn't warmed up properly.

"You'll do fine. You're amazing." She could hear Lisa saying in her head. Lisa was always there for her. She had been Taylor's best friend since kindergarten.

"Taylor Rinker?" a man had emerged and beckoned Taylor.

She followed shyly. She tried to control the shaking as she followed the man into the small room.

"Do you have your sheet music?" The man asked.

Taylor handed the man the sheet music she had been holding.

"Ok, they pianist, will play two measures before you come in." he explained.

She inhaled and closed her eyes. The two measures were played and she began to sing. She swayed slightly to the song. It always took her away when she sang the lyrics.

"Did you ever know that you're my hero? You're everything I wish I could be…" As she sang the chorus, she thought of her mother. People had always told her she looked just like her mom. Her eyes were identical.

"You were the wind beneath my wings." She finished the song and looked to the man for instruction.

"Well young lady, we're supposed to send you our answer, but between you and me, you're definitely in."

"Oh, thank you, so much." She stammered.

"We'll be sending you all the information in the mail. And we'll need to set up a date to come out and meet your family."

"Sorry, what? You want to meet my family?"

"Yes, we're going to interview the families of all the contestants. We're going to have a little blurb about each contestant, their families, hobbies, etc, in the program."

"Oh," was all Taylor managed to get out. She had no idea they would be interviewing her family. What would they say about her?

"Taylor Rinker, her mother is dead and her father is an alcoholic who is never there for his kids."

Taylor left the room, and began her short walk home.

"I should just quit now," she told her self.

"What's wrong?" Matt asked from behind. He had seen her walking down the street and decided to join her.

"Nothing, what do you mean?"

"I know that face, Miss Rinker. What's wrong?"

"Well I made it into the talent contest."

"That's great! I'm so happy for you. So what's the problem?"

"They're going to come out and interview all the families of the contestants. They're going to meet my dad."


"Is that all you have for me."

"Come on, it won't be that bad. If you tell your dad ahead of time. He can clean up for one day."

"I hope your right."

"It'll be ok. Besides, they really want to see you. You're the one with the amazing voice."

"Yeah, but is this all really worth it?"

"Shush you. You have talent and it's about time you share it with the rest of the world."

"Oh Matt. You only think I can sing because you couldn't sing to save your life."

"Excuse me," Matt jokingly grabbed his heart. "Ooops I did it again..." he began singing.