This is such a sad story, I'm willing to bet

You'd be shocked when you hear that they died as we met.

It is true, I assure you, I know you can't tell

I'm the sad girl of darkness, Yeldah Shel Ofel.

This story begins on the fourteenth ofMay

When some soldiers set out to wipe darkness away.

'Tis a fine, sunny day, and the weather is bright

But nobody knows what will proceed tonight

As twilight falls upon a cold combatant camp

They don't light any fires or turn on a lamp

I suppose they don't know or it doesn't hold sway

That the light is the one thing that keeps me away

I approach them in silence, and none there can tell

I'm thesad girl of darkness, Yeldah Shel Ofel.

As they chat cheerfully, I move farther from fright.

I look from the shadows, blend into the night.

One soldier sees something, some thing that's not right,

And he realizes he cannot run from the night.

He calls up his fellows, who are waiting with glee,

And that's how somebody's gaze fell upon me.

He looked at me strangely, asked, "Are you okay?

You should never be out, 'less there is light of day."

"I wish that were true," I reply with a shrug,

"But the light chases me as you would chase a bug.

To it I'm a nuisance, it fears and hates me,

To go out in the sun would just kill me, you see.

If thedark wasmore common, replacing by the light,

Then people would not be afraid of the night.

You must not attack, and thus neither will I,

For if you attack me you shall have to die.