I climb up a tree with a peaceful objective:

I know the term "evil" is very subjective.

The soldiers were brainwashed, their facts weren't straight,

But their views were concrete, adamant as of late.

I had come up to them with just peace on my mind

I guess that that's just what my darkness had undermined.

As I sit up there staring at the darkened sky,

One of the higher tree branches catches my eye.

Along with the leaves that love the light that I fear,

Is a small little letter adorned with a tear.

It says, "I have been terribly lonely of late,

Nobody understands me, so can you relate?

The people think the light ones must always be good,

I have never before been so misunderstood.

They pit me against darkness that does nothing wrong.

I don't understand why we cannot get along.

I've never seen cruelty like that of the light;

If darkness holds kindness then why must we fight?

My light powers are triggered all on their own,

It pushes people away, makes me more alone.

Why must this go on, is there no substantial end?

I cannot continue, so will you be my friend?"

I am shocked as I see this, and look for a pen,

But I cannot find one; so I'll make my own, then.

I know there is danger, using fire so bright,

I might be discovered, or die in the dim light.

I rub round rocks together, starting some small spark

It catches on a stick, but melts into the dark.

I moan in relief as I write a single word

It is well worth the risk just so I could be heard.

I sink in the shadows, silentlyto my home,

As Iam a dark person I'm needed to roam.

I clumsily crawl into a cave on my right;

The sun iscoming up and I flee from the light.

I sit silently, as sleep settles over me,

I think of my message, written with glee.

I'd requested a pencil so that I could write

ThoughifI received no response I'd still be all right.

I feared for the person on the other end:

Lost, and afraid, and in need of a friend.

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