Never Be Free

What is felt while repressing every thought?

When you believe that those you used to love

Tear you away from all you have been taught

You're forever forbidden to think of

Everything that used to make things okay

You're forbidden to speak to everyone

Who ever had anything real to say

When what you said can never be undone

And the love you felt will never return

You play the role of who you really are

Watching its reality slowly burn

Diminishing after coming so far

Your love and solace are gone forever

You regress to a time when they weren't there

Sit and wait for a fantastic never

Or break their hearts just to "make your life fair"

They try to undo what they call damage

Which is the only reason you're upset

You're more than anyone here can manage

So they force you to swallow their regret

Two a.m. and it's happening again

Here again, and you can't stop the dreaming

Doubt they could forgive what happened just then

Shouldn't have ignored your desperate screaming

An entire week, and it's all you see

Daytime reality, endless nightmares

Torn between what they all what you to be

All the sympathetic and helpful stares

Don't see where your true inner demons lie

You've been taught that what you love is hellish

And subconsciously you need what you hate

Your cruel mind will forcefully embellish

And that's how nightmares will soon turn you straight

They'll want you to give in to what you see

And you'll never, for one moment, be free