Sleepless waking

Drifting aimlessly through dreams

The mist and fog devours me

For its become to blurred to see

What is to become of me

How oft that question's asked

Explained too many times

To the ones wearing the false masks

'No, really, we'd like to know',

They whisper in the dark

Well it's too late now to get started

For now you must turn back

So back and back and back I run

Through the misty fog

Contemplating many things

As I try to turn the clock

Time will not hear me

No longer has it stopped

For ticking endlessly

Has become it's one purpose

Forgotten ones lie on the ground

No life behind their eyes

Starring blankly as I pass

The wind murmuring their good-byes

So step softly onto the sand

And keep those jeans from fraying

For what is the use if no-one hears

All this time's forgotten praying

And to deaf skies I plead my case

No longer aware of myself

Thinking straight across the barren fields

Towards the inner-extent of irony