well hears one I wrote on my wall when myfamily and I had a bad fight. Helps me with my depression.


They don't give a damn about me

I'm worthless to the core.

They don't even know me,

But they think they do.

I am nothing,

But maybe I'll be something

They don't know how I feel

Spinning void of emotions

Tiredness spreading to the bone

To tired to move, but they force me to.

Bastards; never the thought

They would never believe my every thought

Thoughts that only I know, the one in my mind

Ash and Ley separate, like the sun and the moon.

Together, but different though forever.

They don't know my pain, no one will.

I cry to myself when no ones around

I keep my pain within

Always and Forever

I hope y'all likedit, review.