Original Date: 1-23-2005

Brick by Dusty Brick

Being picked up whilst on my knees
'tis evident plight won't receive
what the heart needs
I implore thee, take care and heed
what hath become of me.
Why pay for someone else's mistakes?
I give you my love and my answer;
devilishly sly—
impatient behind the wrong door
might lie the right person.
I can never burn true...mea culpa!
Hark her mellifluous voice:
resonating, dissolving, it feels moist
what was His, is now hers, may be thine
a thousand ways to say it, but none comes close:
"Without you being mine
The stars refuse to shine".

Ere my past caught up to my present
The home of the homeless
Heart of the broken-hearted
Mind of the mad
Arms of the clipped soldier
Claims of the free roamer
Smile of the sobbing widow
The chide of her man's best fellow.
Muffled truths lay hidden
going by what was bidden,
All the while wondering why,
When he loved her beyond his soul,
why didn't she return it times four?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Written while in college (UGA)>>>>>>>>>>>>>