The One

I knew you were the one
the one who makes me feel
seeing in your eyes
Makes everything surreal.
Whenever I feel cold
You'll wrap yourself around
Arms so tight and warm
With love and love unbound,
Songs are whispered carefully
Low and deep, this mystery
Are sung and said so openly
And lo' behold so carry me,
Every night my wish is you
My shining shooting star
Floating over blissful dreams
To reach our love afar
This journey lasted for so long
It's time we start again
Let's walk another path
Loving, loving—when?

Why not sail across the ocean
see saintly statues stand
or maybe find a treasure map
Ride camels in the sand?—
Afterwards jump over mountains
Have underwater trips
Drink forever exotic languages
Pray our plan don't slip!
If that doesn't satisfy
Go take a rocket--- run!
Slide and glide all over planets
our mission isn't done!
We'll greet newfound friends
of backgrounds we don't know
Look up again at stars
Like Earth, our love will grow,

So whatever warrior-- land or sea
who dare break us both apart
this love, our mission, my story
Has HIM living in my heart.