Not Compared to Me

Look at these tears

Look at my heart,

Look at my face

Of where it had all start.

That night with him was wonderful

His eyes shining with delight,

I mean, come on, you would've seen—

How much this was "love at first sight"!

You would never compare my feelings

Between my love, we were close-

You would never compare my angel

Because all you would do is boast.

Everyone thinks he's a hot shot

Hating how he blabbed on each day,

Of how he's great and popular

But all he does is take my breath away.

My first love is a two-faced man

One side: all full of pride,

Another is quite surprising

This one shows a better side.

If only you knew how fragile he can be

How he has goals of his own,

If only you knew how much he cares

How rare he makes these feelings shown.

Men, such a mystery

Men, hard to find "the one"--

Men, holding all power

Men, how mine burnt my heart to none!

I thought he had those feelings

Sadly I was tricked,

Not only by cupid's spell

Also by the girl whom he picked.

My tears can tell you much

From the ache he just started,

The pain you'll never realize

Of my heart dearly parted.

Yet I'm not letting that in my way

Destroying myself as a whole,

I'm not going to let the past control me

For now, I'M the one in control.

So my love, you had your chance

Now you are left to be fooled,

Because you never knew the girl you chose

Has a man out there, left to be bulled.