She is refined, courteous, knows when to speak, but for the most part, is demurely quiet, and is submissive to the other half called man. Her name is The Ideal Woman.

Why else would you frown upon a female working on the mechanics of a car, a dirt-stained female with raucous hair, or a female who has been with more partners than the average man but because you're thinking of The Ideal Woman?

Suffrage only happened because of man's refusal to let women step out of their shadows even if only a little, because She is supposed to let the XY chromosome carrying side of the species control the world while she takes care of the babies and the growing adolescents who would soon replace them in The Order of the World.

It was not impossible, but a woman King, Pharaoh, or Emperor was severely frowned upon and woman's reign gave the foreshadowing of a bad future, until proven otherwise. Of course, since The Ideal Woman is submissive, only to linger in the shadows of man while he rules and decrees.

As a female, I thank God that the new millennia has come and the Ideal Woman's reign ending ushering in the 30th century's newest fad: Dare to be Different. Thus, women, girls, and ladies gingerly step out of Her shadow, not wanting to conform to the personality of one woman but her own.

The rebellion against Her started long ago, but it's not over as you can still find traces of her everywhere. Every time you are disgusted or weirded out even the slightest at a female for showing too much skin, being more promiscuous than the average man, or holding a gun hunting for deer but are seemingly ok with men doing the hunting somewhere in the back of your mind, The Ideal Woman is stirring and making you remember her; Her Will being fed through judgemental thoughts and comparing the victim of such thoughts to the common, conforming stereotype.

She is nothing but a stereotype, after all; something every human carrying only the X chromosome "should" conform to and be one personality and one spirit as this Woman descended from Eve & the Virgin Mary.

Perhaps someday, she'll be all gone & be renewed to be something completely different, because there will always be stereotypes & a judgemental mind will always be there, labeling you for what you do and wear.

Author's Notes: For school, "The Woman Who Has Changed the World". But I don't think I'll turn this one in. I might just write about Eve because I can get more words into that essay by using Bible quotes. Not that you care, of course.