freedom lives.

I have parents (they don't understand me)

I have friends (friendship isn't 'ever)

I have duties (I'm not responsible)

I have lover (I don't believe in love)

is it my life?

sometimes I feel so shit

I say my thoughts

I break the laws

I lie to make you happy

but nobody listens me cry

I believed in god

I used to pray at night

I ate my fears

why must I be somebody?

I know my name

I know who I'm

is it not enough?

see tears from the sky

my heart is into a prison

I imagine a world with smiles in the faces

and the war dries it pain

keep believing in the dreams

and a happy ending

forever and forever

can somebody save me and say me; you'ren't alone?

can somebody change the sadness in hopes?

I'd like to smell the joy

I'd like to kiss the passion

I crave to love you after the death

I crave to take your hand in mine

I crave to spread my wings to fly away from the past

if you believe in something

if you feel in what you love

if you write your destiny

you'll realize your real yourself someday

and you'll tell me...

what is what money can't buy?

maybe...your freedom.