The Fight
by: trista groulx

What am I supposed to do?
How am I supposed to know what to do?
Why does it hurt so much to do this?
Thoughts, a hundred and one million thoughts
None of them fit together
None of them sense
Why do thesethoughts hurt so much?
Why don't they just go away?
"Because you care!"
Yet another thought screams
It hurts because you care!
You can see the choice is the wrong path
A path that never should have been walked
A path no one should venture down
I opened my heart you
You left it there, dangling
Raw emotions in plain view
Emotions I rarely let anyone see
Then you twist my emotions into words
Words that do not mean what I said
That did not express how I felt
Words that hurt me more then you
The fact that you could think
That my words were meant to be spiteful
Make me feel as if I've been stabbed
Daggers are going through my heart
My heart has been exposed
To only a select few
When you put that dagger in
Pushed it into my exposed hear
My being shattered
It seems you do not see past yourself
You are not mature enough
But say I'm the one who needs to grow
To hear the words you didn't want to hear
Listen to what I have to say!
I am worried!
Worried about your safety
Worried about your future
I'm worried about you!
Your future is all you have to look forward to
Do not ruin the two lives
Because if you make the mistake now
It will effect everything
The consequences are not reversible