Two- Toned Fa├žade

During the day, around everyone I know,

I'm a crackling fire under the moonlight,

Hues of brilliant lemon yellows, tangerine oranges, fire engine reds,

All thrown together in a haphazard way,

Or the prettiest fireworks on the starry night of July the 4th,

Strawberries, blueberries, whipped cream color,

From pie from a picnic, from the same day,

But when I'm alone, hidden from the world,

I'm the midnight sky, when the moon is full,

Black darkness, like no one has ever seen in me,

Almost frightening,

Thrown around me like a thick blanket, tossed over me to smother the angry flames of a fire,

That burns insides of me,

Day in, day out,

No one ever could guess I can be so different,

But yet I am, and that is me.