My Special Green Earser

My special green eraser

Has powers, yes it's true

If it doesn't like what it's erasing

It shoots fire at you

And though I don't know everything

About its powers yet

I know I can't do math home work

'Cuz fractions make it fret

And language arts is much too hard

For when it sees my paper

That's filled with all my grammar errors

It spouts and shoots out lasers

Oh, social studies, I forgot

I also cannot do

For when it reads about the ancients

It yells and screams at you

And it hates science, that I know

It hates all of my formulas

So when my homework is not done

I just can't do it, 'cuz

My special green eraser

Is hazardous to your health

I cannot do my homework

So maybe I need help…