If you can get me out of misery

"Why look at me I'm in a shell

Isn't that the best?—,"

Wrong! All I want is to get out

And free my burdened chest!

I open yet seal my fate

Of what's certain to become,

I've cracked, shut and even broke

My layers one by one

"Oh let me out" I say again—

This hundredth-million time,

"Please open up and let me see

Why Father has me bind!"

I've wished and wished all again

To rid myself from Fear,

Talk it right and shout it out

"With you, you're so severe!"

You cooped me up, tie me in

Thinking this is just

For years and year it's all the same

No chance to let me out!

Did you know my pearl—

Inside, has finally been made?

Somehow in beneath rock and muscle

This treasure keeps me sane.

Its beauty's so remarkable

You'd drop in human knees,

A perfect gem dear of glory

Pearl, my one-time peace

Like a chosen angel

Pearl was sent by God,

No other being up above

Could send me this much love!

All my gloom forever hidden

Beneath my mighty shell,

Covered up with Daddy's layers

Layered by evil spell

While all my friends have been freed

Or at least been opened,

Their shells breathe the air they need

With burdens all forgotten

For every single second

I am envious within,

For ever single year

I am wasted in this sin

It's sad to say my pearl

Has quickly lost its beauty

My hope, my prayer, my levy out

Has only poisoned me

I'm filled in tears with no air

Drowned by sickly death,

The blood that once flowed freely

Had Pearl's lost in breath

Dear what a tragedy

To think of this to be,

Dream, hope and fantasies

Oh! If only to be free!