The window was open; open just enough for a person to slip through, someone slipped his head though the window, and sniffed around,

"She's here." he whispered to himself. He climbed through the window, in the moonlight you could just make out his features, he was about six feet tall, his skin was pale, he had blonde hair semi long, he had a seductive face with prominent cheek bones, but his most striking feature were his eyes, so green and catlike they almost seemed yellow.

He walked toward the bed, to see a young woman sleeping peacefully, she looked normal enough as for appearance, but to him he knew she was special, the answer to his prayers. The young man stood there just looking at her for a moment, then a noise from down stairs startled him,

"Ali?" an older man's voice boomed, "You had better not be sneaking online this late at night. I am still awake you know, and I can here you walking around up there!"

"Ali," the young man thought to himself, "so that's your name this time."

He then reached in his pocket and brings out a black rose, examining it carefully to make sure there were no thorns left on it; then he tenderly places it in the young woman's hand,

"Until next time," he whispers in her ear, "Ali."

He then walked toward the window and jumped out, meanwhile the young woman kept sleeping, completely unaware of what just happened.