Thom paces back and forth, waiting impatiently in the alleyway for Vartano. He stops, walks over to the wall and leans against it, but it is not too long after that he begins pacing again. After a bit, Thom gives up. He goes to his truck and starts to get out the keys when he smells Vartano.

"It took you long enough!" Thom says, "So how was your little 'lesson'?

"It was fine; she is not so scared of me anymore" Vartano replies with a little smile.

"She should be." Thom says.

"Why?" Vartano says, as he brushes some dust off of his shoulder, "Oh, I see… You're afraid I'm going to have her for lunch…" Thom's face confirms his assumption. "Have no worries, there are laws against that, and even if there weren't, I would not harm her."

"Whatever," Thom says, "just gets to the point, what the hell do you want? Why are you stalking Ali?'


"Um… Ok… No problem, when is the entry date?" Ali asks Ms. Valentine.

"The 27th of October, two weeks from now…" Ms. Valentine answers with a large grin on her face. She has been working at trying to get Ali to submit her artwork to a art contest for a while go, she hates seeing Ali's potential, as she puts it " go down the drain of unconvinced confidence." a statement which has confused Ali for some time now.

"Um… ok…I'll try. No guarantees that I will win, but…" Ali shrugs "why not?"

"Good! Just have one of your amazing paintings to me by then and I'm sure that they will not let your painting go down the drain of unconvinced confidence!" Ms. Valentine says before bobbing down the hallway back to her classroom. Once her blonde hair is out of sight, Ali heaves a large sigh.

"Jeez…" she checks one last time to see if she might be coming back, and then, starts walking home.

When she is about halfway to her house, Dave spots her and starts to follow her. He follows her for about a block when Mitch shows up and starts casually talking to her.

"What are they talking about?" Dave mutters under his breath, he's too far away to be able to hear them, even though his hearing has been considerably heightened before he was turned over; it still was not enough.

Mitch edges himself closer to Ali, Dave braces himself for the worst; when suddenly Ali screams and pulls out a can of pepper spray on him. Dave laughs for a moment but stops when he sees that even without being able to see, Mitch managed to grab hold of her, she is trapped. Unable to just stand there and watch this happening he runs out of his hiding spot and punches Mitch in the back, startling him so that he let go of Ali, once she was free, Dave tackles Mitch to the ground.

"Run Ali!"

She runs, but not without thinking at the same time, that she had met him before, and wondering how he knew her name. Eventually Ali reaches the street before her house, thinking she is safe she slows down. She stops for a moment to catch her breath when she hears a woman's voice whisper into her ear, "where are you headed child?"

Ali whips around to see who it is, when suddenly she is thrown into the vacant house across the street.


"Believe it or not, Ali and I where once married, long ago in a past life of hers…" Vartano explains, as Thom recoils. "… She knew what is was even then, and she didn't care. Anyway, she caught Pneumonia, which at the time was thought incurable and fatal. Before she died, she made me promise that I would find her again when she was reincarnated…"Vartano pauses to let this sink in, "… so, I am just keeping my promise. Seeing that I can't be reborn, if I could I just would've died with her, in hopes of being born different than what I am."

"So… basically what you are telling me is that you love Ali?" Thom laughs. "And you, being so entirely lame, are leaving roses on her pillow every night?" Thom almost topples over laughing. "Damn and I thought I was sad."

"So? What's your reason for being so protective of her?" Vartano counters, "I told you my reason, what about you?"

"My reason?" Thom stops laughing "simple, she saved Me." he pauses, "she doesn't know it, but she did… she did…"

Both of the men, stood there for a moment, when Vartano notices the sun is setting. Changing the subject he says, "oh good! Now I can take off these darn glasses and gloves." he smiles. "Well, I must go and do my 'entirely lame' routine. Goodbye Thom." and with that disappears before Thom can protest. "Give my regards to my sister," Vartano whispers into Thom's ear before he really is gone.


"Wow… you are just as repulsive and…weak as before!" Mira says smiling "why would my brother bother with a worthless mortal such as you?" Ali coughs as she gets up "what is your problem? Can't you just stay down and…? I don't know…play dead or something because it's worthless to fight." Mira focuses her blue eyes on Ali, "not only do I have to tell you to stay away from my brother, but my son as well; you've turned them both against me? What's next? My mother?" she laughs

"What the hell are you talking about? Ali asks, standing up the rest of the way "I don't even know you, or anything you are talking about!" Ali goes to run but Mira is too fast.

"If you are looking for pity, you are not going to get that from me!" Mira says holding Ali to the wall by her neck, "I should just drain you here and now, turn you, and then kill you. Then you will not be able to come back, EVER!" she then throws Ali to the ground. "But I won't, this time it's just a warning, stay away from Vartano, and Thom. If you don't…" Mira bends down and bites her, and drains ail of a large sum of her blood. She then releases her grip leaving Ali semi-conscious, licking her lips; she says "if you don't, this bite will seem like a bug bite compared to the hell I will bring you into." Mira then busts a bottle of perfume on the ground, really strong perfume. "Tootles!" then Mira disappears, as quickly as she came.


Vartano Approaches Ali's house, he smells blood from a street away, and hears police cars. He vaguely wonders what happened when he sees the police pull right up to Ali's house. Stealthy he approaches the kitchen window, where he sees Ali's mother crying, and her father supporting her and answering the police's questions.

"She's 16, about 5'4" her mother says,

"Any distinguishing features?" the police ask.

"Yes, she has dark red hair with black bangs, she also has various piercing…"

Vartano instantly knows what is going on, Ali is missing. He then thinks about the blood. He inhales deeply, and smells the blood again, with a bit of perfume. He doubts that it is Ali, but because the perfume is so strong, he cannot be sure, so he goes to check. The scent brings him to a vacant house one street away from hers; he quickly goes inside and sees a figure leaning against the wall. He covers his nose, partially to keep the smell of perfume from overwhelming him, and partially to keep the smell of blood from doing anything he would later regret. He goes closer to the form and sees that it is Ali. He looks at her neck and sees the marks, she is out cold. He lets go of his nose to gently pick her up, once he gets hold of her he makes the mistake of breathing in, he starts to run, with her in his arms hoping he will get to her house before he does anything stupid. He is almost there when Ali opens her eyes for a second, and smiles.

"You found me again." she then passes out.