Blue Rose

You seep into my roots
Each drop of your watery soul
Clings onto me
very attached.

While others shine such sunny rays
for my small deep rooted leaves
But full of thorns
Heavily Protected.

My forever dull color of dirty blue petals
is like a curse among myself
my blue life
who would ever love a blue rose?—
Bluer and gloomier,
than any punishment, exile or banishment.
Why, such wonderful blessings do you give me?
You continue to feed me
Nourish me
Sustain me
Relieve me

How can you love such a blue rose like me?
You decorate me with
Fancy colors
brightening my darkness
consistently lifting me
from my blue colored life.

Why me?
What is special of me?
Regardless of my appearance
provide me with this unwanted joy.
When the wind caresses my stem,

I hear laughter vibrating from these lips
When your light-brown watery soul refreshes my roots,
I taste strong, inspired feelings
When sunlight kindles my frail body,
I see a right and wrong
When your bare feet brush against me,
I feel your sense of freedom
When the eyes of watchers look my way,
I touch the soul of a believer
When your fingers smooth out these petals,
I smell my true essence.

So is this why you love a blue rose?
As blue as I'll be
You will still continue to
love me?