AN: I like this poem. Don't know why. JLMack


Would anyone miss a single girl?
A shy girl
Who never quite fit the "typical teen" image.
Who didn't want to.
Would anyone miss a single girl
Who never got to be
Most Popular. Prom Queen. Track Star.
Who didn't want to.
Or so they thought.
Would anyone miss…
Only one way to find out,
But to late then for Most Popular. For Prom Queen.
For one small kindness, a safety net.
A hand at the brink.
A light in the dark.

Black like my soul, some say.
But a soul can't be black.
A soul is pure, without color.
Only life can be black.
Escaping black into the light with a colorless soul.
A knife can be black.
So can a pill, or the river under a bridge at night.
Prom dresses aren't black.
The night is black.
Tears as they stain the pillow leave dark marks.
But not black.
Not yet.
Sunlight comes and dark leaves for now.
Only yesterdays are black,
Now isn't quite yet,
And tomorrows are still
A pearly grey. Blue. Green. Purple.
I still have plenty of colors to paint my picture.
I don't need black yet.
Not yet.