The Demon
by: trista groulx

Why is it so hard to open your eyes,
to the things that are so close?
This demon is brushing your leg,
falling back then lurking
It is lurking in the doorway,
waiting, looking to take away innocence
If we know one thing,
it is that once innocence is lost,
it can never come back
The demon threatens to come away,
from its hiding place in the doorway
It is giving you time to notice,
its looming terror
The demon's effects can already be felt
The lines of communication have been severed
Tears have been shed
Arguments have arose
Still, not everyone can see,
the demon's glowing eyes getting closer
Still lurking in the wide open door
Close the door,
so this demon cannot get in
This demon will take away,
more then an innocent
It will tear people apart
It has already started
And once the demon steps,
full through the door,
nothing will ever be the same again

a/n: was directed to my rents about my sis, this is old so it's all good now