Why? Why? Why?
by: trista groulx

Why? Why!? Why!?!
This question won't stop plaguing me
I know that I'll never know
But still my mind wonders
Every time I think of you I wonder why?
Why? Why? Why?
From why I always come to how?
How could you just jump out a window?
From that I'm back to why?
Why? Why!? Why!?!
Then my mind really starts to wonder
What were you last thoughts?
Were you happy with your decision
Did you regret it?
Why? Why? Why?
You must have had so many thoughts
Running through your mind
As you were falling
But going through my mind now only why
Why? Why!? Why!?!
How I wish I knew why
Maybe then it'd be easier
Easier to accept
If I knew why
Why? Why!? Why!?!
Maybe I could understand how
How you jumped out your window
But all we're left with is
Why!? Why!?! WHY?!?!