Paige Connors

Block 4

There are several different types of clouds, and each type of cloud has its own significance. For example, cumulus clouds are large, puffy clouds. These bluish-white clouds are piled miles high in the sky. The image shown looked like it was raining. The black or gray cumulus clouds are called "cumulonimbus." These are also known as "thunderheads" and bring thunderstorms.

Another type of cloud is the cirrus cloud. Cirrus clouds are high in the troposphere, and are made of ice. They look like thin, whispy curls of hair. Some cirrus clouds can be found high in the atmosphere, in the mesosphere. These clouds condense around particles of meteorites. Cirrus clouds are the only clouds that can be found in any layer of the atmosphere besides the troposphere.

The stratus cloud is another common type of cloud. Stratus clouds look like blankets of gray clouds covering the sky. These clouds are always spread out to cover the whole sky. They are rather low in the troposphere and thin clouds, too. They're gray and dull, and normally bring rain.

Stratocumulus clouds are mainly a mix of stratus and cumulus clouds. These clouds look like large, rounded masses. Like stratus clouds, they normally cover the whole sky. According to the picture shown, it looks like they normally appear at dusk. They also look fairly low in the atmosphere, and dense, too.

There's another world up there.

On top of the clouds.

There's a cottony mountain range

and a whole new, sky blue sea.

The air is the ocean

and the clouds are the land.

It's so vivid and lovely

but sadly invisible to our eyes.

Too ignorant to see what all others can.

This is the reason the birds fly.

They can see it all.

It's subconsciously why we've wanted to fly all along,

but it's always been invisible to us.

Perhaps not in ancient days,

but then, our imaginations stretched far beyond belief.

We've lost it all.

The world's going to the dogs.

We can't see this whole new world.

Our culture is focused solely on what's going on down here.

Down to Earth is good.

But there's so much up there, better up there

that maybe it's better to be crazy.

It's the home of the invisible up on the clouds.

An undiscovered world.