Doctors are Perverts

I've been sitting in the office,

For way over two hours,

And I'm so freakin' bored

I'm drawing pictures of the flowers

That are standing in a plastic pot,

I know they've got to be fake,

I am dying of starvation

And I want some chocolate cake,

Or maybe pizza and ice cream

Either way, it wouldn't matter,

Cause the nurse would simply tell me

That it'd only make me fatter!

Finally I hear my name

Called on the intercom

I rise with beating heart,

To bravely face my doom.

A nice looking lady, (riiight)

Escorts me to the scales

Then she makes me read a chart

Of which I can't make heads or tails

She tests my perfect hearing

And she checks my blood pressure

I think that it's all over

I have relief beyond all measure

But sadly I'm mistaken

For the worst is yet to come,

A doctor, "John Mc Nally" approaches

With a strangely pleasant hum

Warily I follow

This pervert in disguise

Knowing that pure evil

Lurks behind that spotless guise

He leads me to a room

Found in the very back

And as we venture closer

I sense a witch craft black

He turns and he smiles

While he offers a hospital dress

He instructs me to take off my clothes

And now, I like the rest

I break out my mad kung fu skills

And kick him where it hurts the most

I run while shouting back at him

"I'm reporting you!!! You're TOAST!!!"

And with a feeling of triumph

I proudly stride out the door

With the knowledge in my head

That I'll return there nevermore.