It was her senior year, and life was a little stressful but overall it was good.
She was excited about going on to college and she had a lot of friends
and all this made her very happy.

One Sunday when she was online, she was flipping through random
websites and found one which she thought was pretty interesting.
Feeling a little courageous, she started talking to the man who had the
website. He was around her age, but a little older. He was already
in college and he was pretty cute and she could tell pretty fast that
she was falling for him.

They kept talking, and soon the minutes turned to hours, the hours
turned to days, the days turned to weeks, and those weeks finally
turned to months. In the beginning, he was her secret. She didn't
want to tell her friends about him because she knew they wouldn't
believe in the relationship. Even when he told his parents about her,
she kept quiet with her own family. Then, in the summer time,
everything changed.

Her parents found out, and they forced her to stay at home all day and
not talk to anyone. She went some weeks without communication with
him, and this was all very stressful. She kept arguing with her
parents though, and after some months, she was allowed to email him
and call him on the phone.

They started talking a lot. They figured out each others schedules and
then would talk when they weren't in class, usually in the morning.
They would talk a lot, but they would fight a lot too.

She didn't know why they were fighting. She loved him, what's wrong
with that? She was afraid what if other people loved him, what if he
loved other people.... She would get scared and ask him to promise
that none of those things were true, and he'd promise and then she'd
be ok again.

But then they'd fight again, and she'd get scared again and make him
promise again.... and a littlie irritated he would promise again. He
told her that her fears were pointless, and why couldn't she just
trust him?

Then, they had a really big fight. It went on for some days, both
with hurt and betrayed feelings. She found out that a lot of her
fears had come true, and this hurt her very much. But she soon
realized that being away from him hurt more than his betrayal, and
they fixed everything up and got back together again.

After this huge fight, things were calm for a while. A little
jealousy would come here or there, but she'd ask him and he's promise
and it would all be ok again. They started becoming very open with
each other and encouraged each other to do things that would be good for
them. They both tried new things, and everyone was happy. They
weren't fighting too much either, and they were happy about that too.

But of course, no calm lasts forever. They had another fight. And
this one really hurt her a lot, because in this fight he told her that
he had been with another woman. The idea of this other woman made her
angry, and the idea of him with her made her sad. She didn't know how
to feel. But then he told her that it was all a lie. None of it ever
happened. And she felt a little relieved at this, but still scared
and hurt. She was nervous, and as always, she asked him to promise
for her.

But this time he wouldn't. She didn't know what to think. Is he not
promising because he's lying, or he is not promising because he was
honestly sick of her jealousy? She didn't know what to think or what
to do, and after they stopped talking that day she couldn't stop
thinking about it. Why couldn't he just understand her fears and say
those simple words to make her ok again? Why couldn't he just promise
those things for her so that she could be happy and know that what he
said to her was the truth? Why couldn't he do this for her, cause
after all, she'd changed different parts of her life for him, she'd
endured her parents screaming at her for him, she'd endured her
friends telling her "this wont work"... she'd taken all that just for

She'd dreamt about him at night, she'd think about him during the day.
When she got really lonely she'd cry for him. She'd call him, and
usually wouldn't get through to him. All these feelings, all these
emotions, she went through for him.

Why couldn't he promise for her?