Pale rosaries and picture glass poems

"My guardian


hanging by a steel pinprick of a nail

above my headboard, a woven white

angel on my night stand.

Cold fingers- my oily prints on the

windows and plastic antique jewelry

touching the pearls (fake) and rhinestone

pins, arranged as birds or butterflies or

Even stars.

To Me; She was Pansy pink lipstick (too thick) and

Eyes darkened by smoothing robin's egg blue on too tan eyelids.

(if that's possible)

She was cigarette smoke –heavy and purple-

and powder on that round soft pillow, peach,

for covering up ugly marks on your nose.

In Pictures; She is movie-star, super-model beautiful

ebony locks and jaw dropping gazes, stunning

Smiles, all captured in weathered sepia photos and

airbrushed-color black and white snapshots.

She is timeless.