The Trust of A Friend…

So hard to build.
So easy to break.
You mustn't have known that.
Now it's too late.

You used to be close.
I knew everything you'd do.
Because we did it together,
Just me and you.

I thought that I knew you.
I thought that you cared,
So I confided in you,
All my secrets, doubts, prayers.

But now we're drifting,
We're falling apart.
I guess you've forgotten,
What you should keep in your heart.

And I know that the world
Can be pretty confusing.
No one's as they seem.
It's all an allusion.

Believe me, I'm sorry
That you learned it the "hard way".
I regret not being there,
At the end of each day.

Only know, with these lies
And half-truths you have spoken,
It's over and done.
It's my trust that you've broken.

Just a short little poem I wrote. It's a little depressing for my tastes, but true. No one can let you down like a friend can. So please leave me a review telling me what you think, and what I can do to improve. Thanks.