For You

My scars tell the stories
that I want to tell you
My love, my heart is aching
but I tried to be perfect
I tried but it wasn't me
I tried but I don't feel it
I still feel so unreal

You look into my soul
But you still can't find me
You say you love me, that you'll never go away
But can't you see?
I'm looking...
I'm staring right back at you
I'm peering... from the corner of my eye

My eyes show the feelings
that I want to show you
My love, the memories are waiting
to be found, to be perfect
I tried but I can't be
I tried... is it worth it?
But it feels so unreal

(Repeat Chorus)

My words tell me story
that I've been trying to tell you
My love, my hope, my darling
to me, you are perfect
I tried, but you don't see
I tried but you can't hear
I tried to tell you how I feel

But still...
You can't see
I'm falling
Hear it beating
My heart, is it stopping?
For you, I'll escape it
I'll go, you say so
You don't feel
It's hurting
My love, my darling
I'm falling, I'm falling...
But I stopped it... for you