Would you look at me?
Just for a second, please?
I need you to see me
And see what you're doing
And making me feel

I'm just so distracted
Almost every thought leads to you
And it hurts 'coz I know you won't care
And won't even bother to give me my last wish
I can't help it...
I'm falling further and further
I try to stop it, but I always fail
And it hurts 'coz I know you won't feel the same
I'm not even on your mind or in your darkest desires
That end up coming out as a dream or a nightmare

Would you listen to me?
Just for a minute, please?
I need you to hear me out
And find out what you're doing
And fucking me up and

(Repeat Chorus)

Why don't you give me a while?
I just need to explain
It'll only take a little of your time
I just want to tell you:
I really need you
You're the one I'm thinking of
And I really love you
Just thought you should know
You don't even have to feel the same
'Coz I know, it can't happen, it's just so

(Repeat Chorus)