Only Night

I see her eyes flickering in the dark
The flames are burning in them
I can see the fire glowing
I can feel the cold breeze on my skin

I thank the heavens for the rain tonight
This time alone with you feels like a dream
Is this actually happening?
I can feel my heart beating

This night is our only night together
Let's make the best out of it
We may never get the chance again
I see our love slowly growing
And our pain gradually dying
I touch your hand and feel your lips on mine
Our bodies collide and become one
Just this once... This only night

I feel her hands moving in the dark
The warmth is burning within
I can feel desire growing
I can feel the kisses on my skin

I thank the rain for never-ending
This time alone with you, is it real?
Is this really happening?
I can feel the pressure building

(Repeat Chorus)

Our desire is painfully growing
The lust for blood is burning
My hunger, my love, my feelings;
They are colliding
The rain keeps on falling
And I thank the gods for giving
me this night with you, for loving
This night of love with you

(Repeat Chorus)

Tonight is our only night
Tomorrow, we might not wake again
Today is all that's left
This act of love is swimming in my head
and I can't forget
This is our only night; let's make it the best
We might never get the chance again