A lot of things have changed
I don't know what's going on
It's as though I'm dying in the dark
With no one to hold on to

I want to cry in your arms
I wish I could hold you, but you pull away
My life is shattering slowly; watch it die
My heart is breaking
Can't you see that you're crushing me?

A lot of things have come and gone
I can't keep track of anything
Here I am lying almost lifeless
With no one to hold on to

(Repeat Chorus)

There's no longer anything left for me
Everyone's gone; now I'm alone
Who can be the one to save me?
Who would be there to pull me out of this?

I'm crying out to anyone
Who'll be there to save me?
Am I the only one left?
Who would be my angel?
There's no one left

(Repeat Chorus)

The sky's crashing down on me
My lifeless body still weeps
I'm waiting for a hand to save me
I'm waiting...

(Repeat Chorus)