Contact with the outside world is limited.

You don't know why you're there.

Why do they lock you away like that?

Torture you and ask you about affiliations,

With groups you've never heard of.

Why bend your arm back,

Questioning about things you can hardly pronounce,

Then throwing back in a hard, cold cell

What did you do to deserve this?

To be beaten and mangled,

Manhandled and beat.

Wrong place, wrong time.

You aren't sure of the deed,

That sent you to this place.

There are bruises and scars,

That you don't remember being there before

You long for the warmth of the sunlight,

The feel of the grass underneath,

For a time that was not about surviving,

But more about living each day.

A/N: there's this really cool "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" episode about secret prisoners. I suppose that was the inspiration behind this.