I'm not afraid of much anymore. The things I had nightmares about when I was younger now intrigue me.

My lack of fear in other areas has blossomed into a deeper Fear in another.

I am immensely afraid of dying before I have really lived.

I want to dance until I drop, to explore new things. To kiss the stars and cradle the moon in my hand.

To feel true confidence as I walk down the halls, to be able to hold my head high even when I know they are laughing at me.

To find true passion, to savor the sweet moments in life and to recognize the ones that would be sweet if they had not been missed.

To enjoy the bite of a lemon, to catch the rain on my tongue as I dance, shaking with Cold, but oh so happy.

I want to confess to you the things I feel, I want to be able to handle what you think when I say what I need to.

I want to live.