True passion is intoxicating

and invigorating, soothing

and sensuous, mysterious

and magical. We just

thought you should know

what you're in for

Love and passion don't have to be connected. Passion needs love to survive, to fuel the burning flame. Love of the moment, intensity of desire. The burn of fire, igniting everything in it's path, leaving bodies as ash, crumbling at the brush of a hand or a wisp of the wind. The after effects of passion, of love so intense.

The glory of the free fall and the agony of hitting the stone cold ground. The sheer terror of jumping, but you have no choice but to push off the edge.

The fleeting fascination of rushing air and a birds eye view. All to be paid for with your body. With you life as you know it.

Life as ash after life as an eagle is so empty, lifeless. A helpless feeling covers it all.