"The Drunk and Forgotten" By Cassandra F. 2/12/05

You walked out the door,
I headed straight to the fridge,
grabbed a beer in my hand,
yea I'm your fked up kid.

I hope you have fun,
at your party tonight,
because as soon as you get home,
I'm gonna put up a hell of a fight.

My mouth'll spew all my hatred,
my eyes will burst with tears,
and maybe if you just listened once,
you'd know how I'd come to be here.

Standing before you're squinting eyes,
your one glance judgement,
what disgusting excuse for parenting now?
what incomplete punishment?

Who's pathetic in who's eyes now,
the parents or the child?
the lack of concern makes the tables turn,
I'm your rotten teen gone wild.

Never worthy of your attention,
barely worthy of a blade,
I'll end this now if you'll listen,
but you've got plans for the todday.

"Don't worry, I undertand.
Have fun, and be safe."
And you're gone again, its no suprise,
life's come to be this way.

So I'll grab another beer,
and wait for the stars to smother me,
will I wake up for another day?
I'll just have to wait and see.