Dedicated to Carson, because she knows what I'm talking about no matter what bullst I'm spewing. Hahaha.

"Railroad Tracks" By Cassandra F. 2/22/05
I miss the days,
on the railroad tracks,
wandering aimlessly,
I never bothered to look back.
Now fleeting days of youth are gone,
No way of returning home,
We're stuck here with no escape,
locked-down straight to the bone.
We both knew the tracks so well,
just different sets we saw,
ended up here in the middle,
where there are no tracks at all.
And we're like fallen angels,
so destined to fly high,
completely broken and crazy,
but too dn strong to cry.
I've been to your house,
nothing ever changes there,
but you've been to mine,
and its the same thing here.
We're trapped in a time warp,
each of us has separate pains,
our parents try to break us,
but we refuse to be tamed.
You introduced the concept,
one that let me see,
if we could run away,
our souls would truly be free.
I was afraid to leave this place,
to leave familiar ground,
but my mind had changed each evening,
as I watch the sun go down.
I took comfort in the music,
his breaking, shattering voice,
but after listening to him again,
I feel the need to make a choice.
We could go now,
leave this place for good,
but I know you are wondering,
if we really should.
I say to hell with this place,
everything that holds us back,
lets go find ourselves a pair,
of brand new railroad tracks.