"Restless Me" 2/16/05 By: Cassandra Freiborg

I walked out of the door this morning,
the sky was painted a restless blue,
you looked into my eyes,
I think that's when you knew.
It hurts to have a restless soul,
one that's yearning to break free.
I long to run away,
I wish I could just be me.
You know I'd take you with me,
I'd gladly have you on the way,
the look in your warm eyes,
the smile on your face.
We could go anywhere we wanted,
view the mountains and the sea,
can't you imagine it inside your mind,
what a great feeling it would be.
With dull eyes you look back at me,
you're heart chained within the mirror I see,
the most forbidden face withing,
the real and restless me.